" Every time I go to a movie, its magic, no matter what the movie’s about.." There’s a communal feeling when you step into a theatre. You can’t replace that with anything–Steven Spielberg.

>The statement by Steven Spielberg- the renowned director of many great movies like ‘Jurassic Park’ tells it all. The great creative man has inspired all filmmakers in the world.

A film is exciting, mesmerizing, fascinating, and indulging our brain and heart. There are two reasons- one is it’s the whole new- make-believe world on the screen. Secondly–it’s the story-telling – and everyone at any age likes to hear the story.

The film- telling a story is most effective- just as the age-old saying goes- ‘one picture is worth a thousand words’ Because the film is moving pictures, with characters, objects, light and shade, in color and with music- a feast that attracts the attention of all the senses of the viewer.

In fact, it applies to all kinds of films from fictional feature films to non-fictional short films. Non-fiction films can be a Promotional Film of an industrial company, a clinic, an institute, training workshops- or any commercial enterprise. The same applies to an educational or explainer video of any process- it too has to have a style of a story and positive drama of a film.

How does a Commercial Video Production Services become effective- i.e. seen with complete attention and be convincing to the viewer? It comprises 3 key factors- script, visuals, and the duration of the film. It decides the duration as per the subject of the video- one has to also consider the attention span of the viewer for its impact. A TV commercial can be 30-40 seconds; an industrial film can be [generally] 3-10 minutes. An Explainer/Education Video Production Services duration can be as per the objective.
Well, it has to have as said above, basically a storyline. That asks for a lucid-easy-to-understand script interestingly telling about the topic of the film.

Then follows a visual narration of the words being said. A filmmaker has to do a storyboard of the sequence of visual narration in sync with the script. This enables the camera work follows the same pattern. The light arrangement, drama, special effects/VFX, animation, music is clubbed in the film accordingly.

For industrial film support of VFX studio in Pune and it takes the animation to explain- for instance, the growth of the company, a geographical expanse of activity on the map, explaining the operations of a machine or the product- with the help of a 3D live/moving animation.

In the ultimate analysis- the film/video has to be a positive experience to the viewer, while it has to drive the message home.
At Creative splash, Pune, the unique video production agency– these principles are a way of work. For us, every frame, every second of the video is important- for the effectiveness of the video. Insightful, creative thinking is done on the brief, objective, the story of the video- and it further goes through a research-based process from script to camerawork, animation, music up to editing. Once the video is complete, we test it internally then after total satisfaction quotient is attained, it is presented for publication.

Creative splash believes in the designer’s norm- ‘God is in details’.

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